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You can find our RapidHA Serial Protocol v1.7 here.

Please see the following page for details on possible firmware upgrade paths. Firmware releases can be found below.

 Version 1.7.5

Release Notes:

New Features
    • RapidHA 1.7 includes an expansion of the serial interface to application sleepy functionality. New sleep control frames under the Utility command group (PH: 0x55) provide the user with a wake-up handshaking scheme, as well as total and accurate control of application sleep cycles.

Bug Fixes
    • None

Known Issues
    • None


OTA Upgrade Firmware Imagerapidha-1.7.5-prod.ota
Serial Upgrade Firmware Imagerapidha-1.7.5-prod.mbl

Note: see the License Agreements page for the terms and conditions that apply to the use of MMB's RapidConnect/RapidHA products.

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