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Many lighting vendors have recognized that wireless controls systems such as Daintree ControlScope and other ZigBee-based platforms can add significant value to their products. However, it can be difficult to get to market quickly with a robust and reliable solution that meets the requirements of these platforms. To that end, MMB has created the RapidConnect Lighting firmware to run on our world-class RapidConnect hardware, providing out-of-the-box compatibility with Daintree ControlScope and other systems based on the ZigBee HA 1.2 specifications.

MMB is able to provide RapidConnect ZigBee modules that are loaded with firmware that will automatically join a Daintree ControlScope or ZigBee HA 1.2 network as a Dimmable Light device. The RapidConnect module can interface with an LED driver via UART or PWM to set the appropriate brightness level or on/off state in response to commands from the Daintree WAC or HA 1.2 coordinator. In other words, MMB’s RapidConnect Lighting solution allows lighting OEMs to set up a functional wireless lighting demonstration as soon as they are able to wire up the module to their hardware!

For vendors that are building products with an onboard (i.e. Host) microcontroller, MMB has also added UART serial communication to RapidConnect Lighting. It should be noted that many platform vendors will require support of OTA Firmware Upgrades for all microcontrollers in your device. RapidConnect Lighting includes built-in support of OTA Firmware Upgrades for the firmware that is running on the RapidConnect ZigBee module, but it will also be necessary to support OTA Firmware Upgrades of the firmware on the Host microcontroller. The RapidConnect serial protocol includes frames to facilitate this. Review the Release Notes and talk to our Support team to learn more.

The pages below provide more information about RapidConnect Lighting hardware/firmware offering:

Cluster Support - Features supported over the ZigBee network

Pinout and Hardware Design Notes - Guide to the module pins that are used by the RapidConnect Lighting firmware

Hardware Design Resources - Module footprint, Eagle library files, and other general hardware design resources

How to Test Using RapidHA Desktop - A guide for the fastest and easiest way to set up a functional test or demonstration of a Dimmable Light using a RapidConnect ZigBee module running RapidConnect Lighting firmware. 

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