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RapidHA v1.7 Landing Page

This space is the primary developer specification and technical reference for the RapidHA Serial Protocol v1.7, a serial interface for exercising the RapidHA application framework. By building on existing ZigBee stack application frameworks, the RapidHA firmware has been designed to facilitate easy development of zigbee Home Automation (HA) 1.2 certifiable applications.  

Whether you have an existing product or are designing a new one, the RapidHA application framework significantly reduces development effort and time to market for your device. In typical integration scenarios, the RapidHA serial protocol command interface may be leveraged by a connected Host application to exercise the RapidHA firmware to perform complex ZigBee tasks.


Frame Structure & Payloads

The detailed guide to the RapidHA v1.7 serial protocol and the payload definitions.
Search this section when you are looking for specific commands.

Usage Guidelines

How to configure RapidConnect ZB 3.0, manage the network and handle messages.

Sample Applications

Sample serial host applications and how-to-articles.

Change Log

RapidHA 1.7 includes an expansion of the serial interface to application sleepy functionality. New sleep control frames under the Utility command group (PH: 0x55) provide the user with a wake-up handshaking scheme, as well as total and accurate control of application sleep cycles.

Please see this tutorial for instructions on exercising the RapidHA serial interface for the new sleep control frames.

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