Connecting the Gateway to Your LAN

The RapidConnect Gateway offers two mechanisms to connect to your LAN: Ethernet and Wi-Fi. This guide presents instructions for both mechanisms.


The gateway must be finished booting, as indicated by the heartbeat LED flashing (see the table here for LED behaviour).

Gateway Connected to Your LAN Via Ethernet

Use the provided Ethernet cable to connect the gateway to an available Ethernet port on your local network.

After about 1 minute, the gateway will run DHCP and be available on your network. You can now check your router for the gateway's IP address, or scan your network for a device with MMB's manufacturer identifier (00:24:46) in its MAC address.

Use the instructions below to determine the Gateway's IP address and copy it to a convenient place so you can use it later.

Scanning Your LAN in Linux

Use the arp-scan command, which must be run as root.

Scanning Your LAN in Windows

Use nmap.

Scanning Your LAN in MacOS

Ping the broadcast address and arp scan:

ifconfig | grep broadcast | arp -a

Look for MAC Addresses that start with "0:24:46". 

Gateway Connected to Your LAN Via Wi-Fi

By default the Gateway will start the Wireless Bridge Commissioning Daemon at boot time. This Daemon checks for any existing wireless configuration details, and attempts to reconnect to the previously provisioned Wi-Fi network. If no configuration is found, the device will start up in Micro Access Point mode and allow for configuration via a Web GUI or RESTful API. Full details of this API can be found in MMB Wireless Bridge Commissioning Daemon

Review the Status LED table here to see how the Gateway indicates that it is in Micro Access Point mode.

Once the Gateway is in Micro Access Point mode, you can connect your PC to it. Search for available Wi-Fi networks on your PC. The Gateway's SSID will begin with "Tripoli_" followed by the ethernet MAC address of that particular Gateway unit (indicated on a label on the bottom of the Gateway).

After connecting to the Gateway via Wi-Fi, open a browser and navigate to Now you are ready to commission the Gateway to your desired Wi-Fi network.

Prompt the Gateway to Scan for Nearby Wi-Fi Networks

If you already know the SSID for your Wi-Fi network, you can skip this scanning step and go straight to the "Manually Entering Your Wi-Fi Credentials" section.

To scan for nearby Wi-Fi networks simply click the WIFI SCAN button at the top of the page.

This will return a list of wireless networks like this:

Connecting to a Wi-Fi Network

Select the Wi-Fi network that you'd like the gateway to join. For a reliable connection, choose the network with the best RSSI value (i.e. closest to zero).

At the bottom of the screen, the SSID field should now be populated. Enter the password for this network.

Finally, press the WIFI ASSOCIATE button. Once the association is successful, the Gateway's new IP address will be displayed above the WIFI ASSOCIATE button. Otherwise, the error message "Failure" will be shown.

Copy this IP address to a convenient place so you can use it later.

Click the EXIT button. This will terminate Micro Access Point mode. If you would like to restart the Micro Access Point mode, use the button on the bottom of the gateway, as per the instructions here.

The logs from this process are available in /var/log/S85wirelessbridgecommissioning.{log, err}

Manually Entering Your Wi-Fi Credentials

The SSID and password can be entered without completing the Wi-Fi scanning step:

Once the association is successful, the Gateway's new IP address will be displayed above the WIFI ASSOCIATE button. Otherwise, the error message "Failure" will be shown.

Copy this IP address to a convenient place so you can use it later.

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