RapidConnect Hardware Design Resources

This is a repository for files that will be helpful for a designer as they build products incorporating RapidConnect hardware. To view FAQs, tutorials, and resources related to firmware development and testing, see the Knowledge Base.

To learn more about common RF terminology, we recommend reviewing this external page.

Best Practices

The following best practices should be noted for all designs incorporating the RapidConnect module:

  1. Use the Hardware Design Resources (including the bottom layer gerbers for the RapidConnect module) to confirm that the module footprint has been correctly added to your board design.
  2. Include the pads for the appropriate programming/debug header, as shown in the RapidConnect module datasheet.
  3. Include debug connections to the UART serial connection between module and the host to examine serial messages going in and out of the module for debugging purposes. MMB recommends a standard 0.1" header to enable the use of an FTDI USB-to-UART cable.
  4. Confirm that your design adheres to the antenna keep out zone, as specified in the RapidConnect module datasheet.
  5. Confirm that there are no copper traces directly under the module.
  6. If your device includes a metallic enclosure, choose the U.FL version of the RapidConnect module so an external antenna can be used.


Types of Resources
On this page, you will find the following three types of resources:
  1. The Datasheet provides an overview of the electrical, mechanical, and RF characteristics of the module.
  2. The Land Pattern Reference Gerber is a gerber version of the PCB footprint, containing 3 files:
    1. Module Silkscreen outline (slightly larger than actual module for placement purposes)
    2. Copper pads for the PCB to which the module will be assembled, based on our data sheet land pattern
    3. Solder mask recommendation showing a 3 mil clearance around all sides of copper pads (our datasheet doesn't call this out but it's what we recommend, based on IPC specs).
  3. The Module Pad and Drill Gerber is a reference partial gerber of the actual module, containing 3 files: 
    1. Module outline (exact module perimeter)
    2. Excellon drill file showing where vias are located on the bottom side of the module
    3. Bottom side copper pads and copper around via drills where there is a risk of exposure/shorting to the PCB where the module is attached. We recommend that a PCB containing this module footprint should not have any vias under the module. If that is unavoidable, the designer should try to ensure there are no vias that would line up with these copper areas on the module, and of course obey the RF keep out zone (not shown in gerber but referenced in datasheet)
  4. The Application Circuits demonstrate the correct implementation of the RapidConnect Module in conjunction with a Host Microcontroller or USB Transceiver.

USB Drivers

The USB Stick, Development Board, and Programming Fixture all utilize the same USB Drivers, which are available here:


 CSB04PA1x Module (EFR32-based)

Serial Flash

This module does not include serial flash memory. If you intend to support OTA firmware upgrades, you must add serial flash. See the Serial Flash Compatibility page for more information.


This module does not include an LFXO crystal. If your device is battery-powered and you intend to use this module for Bluetooth communication, you should add a crystal to enable the module to operate in various sleep modes. See the LFXO Crystal page for more information.

  File Modified

ZIP Archive CSB04PA1x GBR Package.zip

Feb 28, 2019 by Doug Alguire

PDF File Layout Guidelines for CSB04PA1x r0.1.pdf

Mar 19, 2019 by Doug Alguire

PDF File MMB Networks CSB04PA1x Module Specification v1.0.pdf

May 09, 2019 by Doug Alguire

 Z357PA40 Module (EM357-based, for designs using RapidConnect Lighting & Sensor)

Lighting & Sensor Designs Only

This module is recommended only for use in conjunction with our RapidConnect Lighting & Sensor firmware. For all other designs, select our CSB04PA1x Module to maximize the number of compatible firmware options.

  File Modified

ZIP Archive Z357PA4x_Module_Pad_And_Drill_Via_Gerbers.zip Zip file containing Module Pad and Drill Gerber files for Z357PA4x module

Aug 15, 2017 by Doug Alguire

ZIP Archive Z357PA4x_Land_Pattern_Reference_Gerber.zip Zip file containing Land Pattern Reference Gerber files for Z357PA4x Module

Aug 15, 2017 by Doug Alguire

PDF File Z357PA4x Reference Design (FTDI).pdf Application Circuit for a device featuring the FTDI USB bridge chip, which is recommended for all designs with a Host Microcontroller

Aug 15, 2017 by Doug Alguire

PDF File MMB Networks Z357PA4x EM357 Zigbee Module Specification v0.2.pdf Datasheet for the Z357PA40 Module

Aug 15, 2017 by Doug Alguire

File Eagle_6_Library_MMB_Z357PA4x_Land_Pattern_v1.0.lbr Eagle 6 format land pattern part library for Z357PA4x Module

Aug 15, 2017 by Doug Alguire

File Eagle_5_Library_MMB_Z357PA4x_Land_Pattern_v1.0.lbr Eagle 5 format land pattern part library for Z357PA4x Module

Aug 15, 2017 by Doug Alguire


 GWY20 Gateway

Software and other Documentation

Hardware resources are available below. To learn about the software and tools that accompany the gateway, visit the RapidConnect Gateway Getting Started space.

  File Modified

PDF File MMB Networks GWY20 Specification v1.1.pdf

May 10, 2019 by Doug Alguire

USB Stick

 Z357PA30 USB Stick

  File Modified

PDF File MMB Networks RapidConnect USB Stick Z357PA30-USB Datasheet v1_1.pdf

Aug 15, 2017 by Doug Alguire

Programming Fixture

 SBPA-DV1 (EFR32-based modules)

  File Modified

PDF File SBPA-DV1 - Datasheet - v1.0.pdf

May 29, 2019 by Doug Alguire

 ZPRGF-20 Programming Fixture (EM357-based modules)