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RapidConnect is a complete development solution to help OEMs (aka. "Integrators") build Zigbee 3.0 compliant devices. It will save you time and money at every juncture of the Zigbee product development process.

Getting Familiar with RapidConnect

Step 1: Order the RapidConnect Hardware

RapidConnect hardware and Development Kits are available through our distribution partners. All of our hardware comes pre-loaded with RapidConnect firmware, so it's ready for immediate testing and integration into your device. Follow the links below to purchase the hardware that's right for you.

  1. RapidConnect Module: This is the component that will be integrated inside your device to provide the Zigbee wireless communication. It has been field-proven and pre-certified against RF regulatory requirements including FCC, ETSI, and ISED.
  2. RapidConnect USB Stick: A great tool for testing and completing quick product demonstrations. Your Development, QA, and Sales teams will all find this to be a useful device!
  3. RapidConnect Development Board: Includes a USB interface and headers to simplify your prototyping activities.
  4. RapidConnect Development Kit: A collection of all of the hardware above.

Step 2: Download and Install the USB Drivers

To connect your RapidConnect hardware to your system, you will need to install the USB drivers:

Step 3: Download and Install the RapidConnect Desktop Software

The installation files and instructions are available HERE.

Note that RapidConnect Desktop is not yet compatible with Linux.

Step 4: Complete a Quick Demonstration

The easiest way to become familiar with our RapidConnect solutions (and Zigbee in general) is to set up a demonstration by following the instructions in the RapidConnect Desktop Quick Demo Guide.

Step 5: Start Your Development

Additional Resources to Get Your Product to Market

Downloads and Documentation

View the release notes and documentation for all releases of RapidConnect firmware.

RapidConnect Serial Protocol

Learn more about the serial protocol that is used to communicate with our hardware via UART.

Knowledge Base

Access technical FAQs, best practices, and sample code for your Host application.

Hardware Design Resources

Datasheets, reference designs, and resources that will help your design team integrate the RapidConnect module into your product.