I am building a router or end device using RapidConnect. What happens if my device is power cycled after joining a Zigbee network?

When a RapidConnect-based device is commissioned as a router or end device, it stores its network information in non-volatile memory. Upon power cycling the device, it will be ready to automatically rejoin the network. However, this automatic rejoin will not happen until the Host executes startup configuration. In other words, your Host must have code to configure the endpoints and device type of the RapidConnect module each time it is power cycled. 

Once the endpoints are configured and startup synchronization has been completed by sending the Startup Sync Complete frame to the Module, you will receive a Network Status Response with the "Rejoin" status from the Module. A rejoin status means that the firmware on the Module will automatically initiate a rejoin, and the Host does not need to initiate anything. Otherwise, you should receive a Network Status Response with the status "Network Down". In this case, the Host should initiate a join.

Note that, unlike the initial commissioning process, the network's permit join window does not need to be open for a device to rejoin the network.

For more information, see the Network State Management diagram.

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