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Thanks to MMB's flexible manufacturing process, you can order gateways pre-loaded with your custom software. This page describes the process of providing your custom application to MMB.

Table of Contents

Process Overview

The process diagram below describes the MMB Gateway software bundle release and validation process. The process facilitates automated integration of the customer software package (i.e. Root File System and applications).

Stage 1 - Input

The U-Boot, Kernel, and RFS images can be based on the MMB Reference Image ( sources shared with the customer), or supplied by the customer for integration and loading onto the Tripoli Gateway hardware. Customer specific components can be shared via customer's git account, or FTP, or other convenient means.

Stage 2 - Build

Integrity checks are done against the customer supplied components, and MMB supplied components are built. 

Stage 3 - Manufacturing Image Creation

A Customer Bundle is produced and supplied to the customer for use in local and OTA Upgrades. This bundle is then integrated into the Production Bundle.  

Stage 4 - MMB Functional Test and Programming

The new Production Bundle is then used in the MMB Production and Functional Test program to a small sample of boards with the new software. MMB preforms internal validation, and any customer requested validation of the new software images on the gateway

Stage 5 - Customer Validation and Mass Production

Sample unit is made available to the customer via SSH or remote desktop ( or units can be sent to the customer ) for final validation and sign off before mass production.