RapidConnect Gateway - Getting Started


The MMB Networks RapidConnect Multiprotocol Gateway is the most advanced and feature-rich gateway in MMB’s product portfolio. See the RapidConnect Gateway User Guide to learn more about how our gateway will help you get your IoT platform to market! 

Getting Started with the RapidConnect Gateway

Step 1: Order the RapidConnect Gateway Hardware

RapidConnect Gateway Development Kits are available directly from MMB. The kit includes:

  • RapidConnect Gateway
  • Power Adapter
  • Ethernet Cable

The RapidConnect Gateway comes pre-loaded with baseline Linux software plus RapidConnect firmware and associated tools, so it's ready for immediate testing and demonstrations.

Step 2: Install Terminal Application

To configure/modify the software on your RapidConnect Gateway, you will need to install a terminal application to establish an SSH connection with the gateway. Examples include:

  • PuTTY
  • Command Line ssh utilities in Linux or OS X

Step 3: Establish an IP Connection to the Gateway 

You can connect the gateway to your LAN via Ethernet or Wi-Fi. See the Connecting the Gateway to Your LAN page for instructions.

Step 4: Complete a Quick Demonstration

The easiest way to become familiar with our RapidConnect Gateway (and our the Gateway API tools that run on it) is to set up a demonstration by following the instructions in the GAPI Sample Application Startup Guide.

Step 5: Discuss Your Customization Needs with MMB

MMB is pleased to offer numerous customization options, from branding to hardware or software. Talk to an Account Manager to learn more.

Additional Resources to Get Your Product to Market

RapidConnect Gateway User Guide

A detailed guide to the features supported by the RapidConnect Gateway.

Gateway API Documentation

Learn more about MMB's Java-based Gateway API (GAPI) tools and how they will accelerate the development of your Zigbee gateway application.

RapidConnect Serial Protocol

If you won't be developing in Java, you can use the RapidConnect Serial Protocol to communicate with the Zigbee radio in the gateway via UART.

Hardware Design Resources

Datasheets, reference designs, and resources that will help your design team integrate the RapidConnect module into your product.